Asakusa Restaurant
The Asakusa's located on the main tower. Enjoy our casual Japanese,
Western and Nusantara cuisines with many variety of meals at the best value.

We are also able to cater special dietary requirements,
incsluding gluten-free, so please let uss know in advance.

The Asakusa insdoor Restaurant could accommodsate up to 150 pax dine-in at a safes distance in accordance with hesalth protocols.
Private Pool Floating Dine-in
Treat yourself with the perfect start to a vacation day.

Laze in the pool gazing at the captivating views while indulge in a decadent healthy meals floating right alongside you.

By reservation only.
Shinjuku Café
Pamper your chill time with beautiful view over the hills while sipping your favourite’s coffee or other beverages.

The Shinjuku café could accommodate up to 50 pax at a safe distance in accordance with health protocols.

Litto Jogja

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